The San Marcos Farmers Market supports local businesses, offers healthy and sustainable items, and keeps the money that you spend closer to your neighborhood.

The San Marcos Farmers Market offers an ever-changing variety of locally grown, fresh produce. Preservatives, honey, eggs, veggies and vibrant knitted pieces are just a few items market-goers can expect when they arrive.

Vendor and native Texan, Susan Warren, is always looking for new things and takes pride in preserving the produce that she grows. She believes it’s important for residents to shop locally to get the freshest possible products. Warrens has a niche for handmade items including crochet bags. 

“I do jellies and jams. I dry herbs and I do some crocheting and sewing!


Oma and Opa’s Farms

Oma and Opa's Farms offers year-round crops from the hill country and their eggs are a fan favorite! They grow everything organically, except for the canned peaches that come from Dripping Springs, Texas. J.W., owner of Oma and Opa's Farms, has a greenhouse and grows tomatoes generally year-round, but had some trouble with sun this winter. Luckily, he said he might be back in the “tomato business” in a few weeks.

“My favorite things to grow are tomatoes, okra, eggs, and onions, but I like growing all of it,” he said.

Raymond Raybold, a big advocate of farmers markets, was J.W.’s customer for 13 years before he began working for him.

“When I first met J.W. and his son, I had all these questions about the produce. Their answer was: If you don’t really believe what we are telling then drive out to Fredericksburg and we’ll show you everything, how we do it and how we grow it.”

Raymond enjoys helping people find different ways to cook the produce they sell at the stand. You can count on him to always have a cookbook on hand!  His latest recipe find is ‘The Perfect French Omelet’ using eggs, spinach, swiss cheese and onions.

People often come to farmers markets expecting produce that may not be in season. 

“Once you get acclimated to what grows in what season then you know what to expect when you come to the market,” said Raymond.


Who is ready to become a farmers market aficionado? 

Stop by every Tuesday, 3 to 6 p.m. at The Hitch and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at San Antonio Street. For a full list of vendors visit San Marcos Farmers Market