Big Kahuna is a family-run business at The Hitch, owned and operated by Mark and his wife Lori Jakobsen. The Jakobsen family, including their son, are all educated in culinary skill. Mark, born in Japan and raised in Hawaii and Lori, born in New Mexico, both add a mix of Hawaiian and Southwest flavor to their dishes. Both come from a “foodie” background – Mark’s family owns 5 restaurants in Hawaii and Lori’s father was a chef in Copenhagen, Denmark.


How did The Hitch become the home for the Big Kahuna?

Originally we were shooting for Austin, Texas, but due to lack of profitable space in the available trailer parks led us to San Marcos. We first started at the food trailer park on Guadalupe, but relocated to The Hitch and the rest is history!

What do your customers love and value most?

Our cuisine, which is Pacific Rim Asian and Hawaiian. There is no other restaurant around that can provide that need. People’s experience whilst visiting Hawaii on vacation can turn them onto the culinary life and culture that is offered there. When they come back, this is the spot where they come to relive that. I feel you can go anywhere and get a taco. You can go anywhere and get BBQ and a burger or any certain kind of generic food that has no originality. Unless you’re good at it, it’s going to determine if you’re going to be successful

What is your most popular dish?

The most popular dish we sell is the Big Kahuna burger. It is made by hand and each 1/3 lb burger is served on Hawaiian sweet bread. Most of the dishes served are just as healthy as they are delicious.

Any new changes to the menu?

We are keeping a lot of the popular and heathier dishes, and dropping a lot of the weaker menu options. I tend to lean toward seafood, since it is getting cold. The first soup I will be doing is the cocoanut crab soup - it is a top seller and sells out very time it is offered!

What kind of experience do you want people to have when they visit the Big Kahuna? 

I know they are coming to the trailer and don’t expect fine dining. I want them to have the closest experience they can to fine dining without going into an establishment and paying 40 to 50 dollars a plate. You can spend 15 to 18 dollars here and have the same experience. I have that ability and that’s what I want - I want people to know when they come here they aren’t getting trailer food, but gourmet food at a good price, and not only that, but are experiencing a different cuisine they wouldn’t normally have available


“We want people to experience our food. We’ve had people go to Hawaii, try a dish and come back saying ours blows them out of the water! You don’t have to go to Hawaii to get a gourmet dish. Come in and try it and I feel you will walk away satisfied."

The Big Kahuna is open Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 8pm!