The Hitch is excited to announce the addition of a new food truck: Dreamland! Tripp and Kelly Gordon are the owners and chefs of Dreamland, and are San Marcos’ sweetest couple. Tripp does all of the cooking and loves his job. He always wanted to share his love of food with the people of San Marcos, and now he can with Dreamland. Dreamland features several unique dishes that range from savory breakfast foods, to tangy and refreshing Hawaiian dishes.

Tripp was originally from the bay area outside San Francisco, but spent 10 years in Hawaii. After watching the Hawaiian chefs at prestigious resorts, Tripp mastered the culinary cuisine and added his own personal flare.

The couple wound up in New Braunfels five years ago to support their son who received a tennis scholarship at only 14 years old! It was during this time that Tripp wanted to do something for himself and share his love for cooking with everyone else. His first Dreamland truck started here in San Marcos, near Mimi’s Cafe.

“Our son is now playing tennis at Penn State. We kept our home because we fell in love with Texas, so it seems fitting to make our home in San Marcos at The Hitch,” Kelly said.“We feel very lucky to be in such a safe and uplifting town.”

Tripp and Kelly are excited to be in San Marcos and to be a part of the family at The Hitch. Kelly said the San Martians are so open to new ideas and are so welcoming, and Dreamland and its distinct style will fit right in!

Dreamland serves breakfast all day. Their specialties are waffle recipes, salads, country fried steak and Loco moco, which has unique ingredients. Kelly said that our Hitchers will have to figure out what the Loco moco is made of when they stop by.


“Three favorite waffle recipes are the Chicken & Waffles, Nutella & Fruit and the Savory! The Country Fried Steak and Loco Moco are quickly becoming very popular, as well.”


Tripp loves to cook, and he loves to make sure that each dish counts. That is what makes Dreamland special to The Hitch and San Marcos.  

Visit Dreamland at The Hitch to experience Tripp’s amazing dishes for yourself!