Fred Varela, the owner of Patty Wagon food truck, is a hard-working, small-business owner in San Marcos. Fred makes all the food from scratch, including the ranch and mayonnaise. Patty Wagon is known for its fresh flavors and delicious burgers. Read on to find out more about Fred and his delicious food!

How long have you been cooking delicious burgers at Patty Wagon?

"Six and a half, almost seven years."

How long have you been in the restaurant industry?

"I have been in the restaurant business as a chef for 41 years. I graduated from Texas State University and I started working for Chartwells. Now I couldn't be happier working at Patty Wagon"

What are the differences of working in a food truck vs. working in a restaurant?

"There’s a big difference—food trucks have become a high demand; it’s a lot of work. Everything has to be fresh and there’s only so much space so you have to constantly buy things every single day. In a restaurant, you work by quantity."

Have you always worked in San Marcos? Do you live in this beautiful college town now?

"I haven't always worked in San Marcos. I’ve worked in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, almost every city in Texas. I actually live in Kyle right now, but I’ve lived in San Marcos for 26 years."

What do you love about San Marcos?

"I’ve watched it grow—from the university being hardly anything to where it is now. I think in another five years Guadalupe Street will be like 6th Street in Austin. I love seeing how much this city has grown."

What is your top-selling menu item?

"All of my burgers are the best-sellers, but one in particular is the Jalapeno Popper Burger. But I have a variety of French Fries I make, such as the Marshmallow Sweet Potato Fries. The fish tacos are also a top-seller here at Patty Wagon."

Can you tell us about your homemade items?

"I make all my mayo and ranch from scratch. I make almost everything here in the food trailer. Everything is fresh!"

Do you have vegetarian options?

"I have a vegetarian burger made with black beans and corn. People go crazy for it. There are many other vegetarian side dishes that many people get as main dishes, too!"

Take a look at Patty Wagon's full menu here.