Photo by San Marvelous

Photo by San Marvelous

Can you imagine anything better than live music, beautiful weather and good food? More than 100 music lovers joined us at our food truck park recently to enjoy KTSW's MR Fest 9th annual live music festival! With The Hitch as one of its featured venues, San Martians got their groove on with 5 talented bands, played a little game of bean-bag toss and jumbo janga with our awesome food truck cooks and of course, grubbed on some delicious dishes. With the Texas sun beaming down, MamboFreeze sweet snow-cones and our umbrella-covered picnic tables were the perfect cool down.

who rocked the show with us?

The Hecklers

To kick-off the fun-filled afternoon was a Rock n' Roll band, known as The Hecklers, who had everyone cheering!

King Finn

Based in Houston, Texas, King Finn brought a nice mix of ambience, instrumentation + anthemic melodies to The Hitch!

Photo by Clarissa Aguirre

Photo by Clarissa Aguirre

The Refrains

The crowd couldn't get enough of The Refrains' soulful voices + funky tunes! The Refrains is known for their melodious & lyrical band.


It may have been a warm day, but the Madisons were sure to get the crowd dancing and singing with their great mixture of instruments, such as an accordion, violin, banjo + more!

Clever Heads Prevail

Based right here in San Marcos, Texas, Clever Heads Prevail left the crowd wanting more with their mysterious and blazing hot mix of india + alternative rock.

The bands that performed had a great time and we enjoyed The Hitch as a venue!
— John Willams, KTSW Sales Manger