Smoked Out BBQ originally started about three years ago. The owner and chef, Brandon, makes all of his own ribs (seasoning combinations), and smokes his own meats on Mesquite wood. To top it all off, Brandon even whips up his own homemade BBQ sauce. Follow along as we dig a little deeper and learn more about our favorite BBQ in town, Smoked Out BBQ! 


What inspired you to start Smoked Out?

“I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant, so starting a food truck seemed like the most logical first step to creating a BBQ business. I wanted to get my feet wet, so-to-speak, and get experience with owning and running a kitchen, so I kicked it all off and began my journey in the food truck business.”

We hear your homemade ice cream sandwiches are delicious, can you tell us a little more about those and how they are made?

“My mom makes the ice cream sandwiches! She was worried about me not having dessert on the menu, so she had an idea to mix up some delicious homemade ice cream and put it between two chocolate chip cookies. Can’t go wrong with that, am I right?”

What’s a fun fact about Smoked Out that a lot of people may not know?

“My chicken leg quarters are unique, because I smoke them first, then deep fry them as a customer places their order. They come out kind of like a chicken wing and are really crispy, juicy, smokey and delicious.

What sets Smoked Out apart from other BBQ places?

“Most places already make their own ribs, but I created all my ribs from scratch. I created my own flavors for the pork, beef and chicken, which each have their own seasoning. Everything starts out with the same base: salt, pepper, garlic powder, union powder and smoked paprika. Then each type of meat gets layered with seasoning catered specifically to it.”

What is Smoked Out's most popular dish?

“The loaded waffle fries with the meat on top is definitely the most popular.”

And...... a few last words from the BBQ master himself:

“Try the chicken, y'all - you'll fall in love with it!”

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